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Staff of the Delta Programme Commissioner

Concept, design, production
VormVijf, The Hague
Zimpa, The Hague

Coordination and support
Tessa Haan Projectbegeleiding, Almere

Textual advice
Met Andere Woorden, Arnhem

Textual corrections
Segeren Tekst, The Hague

Eurotext Vertaalbureau, Leidschendam


  • Urban flooding, May 2016, Cuijk: ANP Foto, SK-media
  • Eemshaven-Delfzijl dyke improvement, 2017: photo provided by Noorderzijlvest district water board, Eemsdelta drones
  • Urban flooding, June 2016, Someren: ANP Foto, Bram van de Biezen
  • Foreshore replenishment near the Westkapelle sea wall, 2017: photo provided by Rijkswaterstaat
  • Reevediep recreational craft locks, 2017: photo provided by Room for the River IJsseldelta, photographer: Freddy Schinkel
  • Flexible flood defence system, Spakenburg, 2017: ANP Foto, Robin van Lonkhuijsen
  • Low water level in the Meuse, July 2017: Marielle van Uitert
  • Bellamyplein water square, Rotterdam, 2017: Bart van Vliet
  • Heat stress, July 2015, Zeilbrug Amsterdam: De Telegraaf
  • Het Leeuwse Veld, Beneden-Leeuwen climate adaptation measures, 2017: August Swietkowiak

Maps and figures
Map 1 Delta Plan on Flood Risk Management
Image: Posad

Map 2 Delta Plan on Freshwater Supply
Image: Posad

Figure 1
Periodical coordination between output and outcome (blue line) and external developments (green line)
Image: Rikker Infographics

Figure 2
Interim goals
Image: Rikker Infographics

Figure 3 Summary of progress among vital and vulnerable functions with respect to “Analysis-Ambition-Action” (situation as of 2017)
Image: Rikker Infographics

Figure 4 Delta Fund budgets in 2018, per item and totals, based on 2018 draft Budget
Image: VormVijf

Figure 5 Investments by district water boards, 2017-2020
Source: ABF Research, WAVES – Financial data regarding district water board budgets

Figure 6 Operating costs 2017 by policy field
Image: VormVijf

Figure 7 Tentative extrapolation of Delta Fund
Image: VormVijf

Figure 8 Forecast of dyke improvements scheduled under the Flood Protection Programme, in kilometres
Image: Rikker Infographics

Figure 9 Forecast of engineering structures to be improved under the Flood Protection Programme
Image: Rikker Infographics

Figure 10 “Analysis-Ambition-Action”
Image: Rikker Infographics

Figure 11 Situation involving more than 100 mm of precipitation within two days in August 2010 (left) and the transformation to a 2-degrees warmer climate (right)
Source: KNMI

Figure 12 a,b,c Potential design that may contribute at the scale level to reduce the negative impact of waterlogging, heat, and drought
Image: Jutta Raith

Figure 13 Seven ambitions
Image: Rikker Infographics

Figure 14 Interim goals
Image: Rikker Infographics

Delta Programme

The Delta Programme is a national programme involving an innovative collaboration between the central government, the provinces, municipalities and district water boards, with input from civic society organisations, knowledge institutes, citizens, and the business community. The aim is to protect the current and future generations of the Netherlands against flooding, to ensure a sufficient supply of freshwater and to climate-proof our country in order to prevent major damage.


The Delta Programme Commissioner submits an annual proposal for the Delta Programme to the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, fosters the implementation of the Delta Programme, and monitors progress. The proposal comprises all the measures scheduled and provisions made to reduce floods, pluvial flooding and water shortages. The Delta Programme is presented to the States General every year on Prinsjesdag, the state opening of Parliament.


Eight areas are working on the further elaboration and implementation of the strategies outlined in the Delta Programme. These areas cover the entire country. They are:

  • Rhine Estuary-Drechtsteden
  • Southwest Delta
  • IJsselmeer Region
  • Rhine
  • Meuse
  • Coast
  • Wadden Region
  • Elevated sandy soils

Published by: 

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment Ministry of Economic Affairs


September 2017


The first Delta Programme was published on 21 September 2010.

The second Delta Programme was published on 20 September 2011.

The third Delta Programme was published on 18 September 2012.

The fourth Delta Programme was published on 17 September 2013.

The fifth Delta Programme was published on 16 September 2014.

The sixth Delta Programme was published on 15 September 2015.

The seventh Delta Programme was published on 20 September 2016.

The eighth Delta Programme was published on 19 September 2017.

  1. Cover letter and Delta Programme Commissioner’s recommendations
  2. Introductory summary
    1. Continuing the work on a sustainable and safe delta
  3. Part I National level
  4. Progress of the Delta Programme
    1. Progress based on Monitoring, Analysing, Acting
    2. General picture of the progress
      1. On schedule
      2. On track
      3. Integrated approach
      4. Participation
      5. Effectiveness of the regions
    3. Progress in flood risk management
    4. Progress in spatial adaptation
    5. Progress in freshwater supply
    6. Embedding, knowledge and innovation, international collaboration
      1. Embedding
      2. Knowledge
      3. Innovation
      4. International efforts
  5. Delta Fund
    1. Developments in the Delta Fund
    2. Resources from other partners
    3. The financial taskings of the Delta Programme
    4. Financial security of the Delta Programme
  6. Part II Regions
  7. Progress per region
    1. IJsselmeer Region/freshwater supply region IJsselmeer Region
    2. Rhine Estuary-Drechtsteden/West-Netherlands freshwater supply region
    3. Rhine/ Area around the major rivers freshwater supply region
    4. Meuse
    5. Southwest Delta/Southwest Delta freshwater supply region
    6. The Coast
    7. Wadden Region
    8. Elevated Sandy Soils South and East
  8. Part III Delta Plans
  9. Delta Plan on Flood Risk Management
    1. Implementation programmes
      1. Flood Protection Programme
      2. Second Flood Protection Programme
      3. Room for the River
      4. Meuse Projects
      5. WaalWeelde
      6. IJsselmeer Closure Dam
      7. Repair of Oosterschelde and Westerschelde stone claddings - Zeeland foreland deposits
    2. River widening in interconnection with dyke improvement
    3. Studies ensuing from knowledge agenda and in regions
  10. Map Flood risk management measures
  11. Delta Plan on Freshwater Supply
    1. Measures to ensure the availability of freshwater in the Netherlands
  12. Map Freshwater supply measures
  13. Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation
    1. Introduction
      1. Justification
      2. Aim and state of affairs of the Delta Plan
      3. Collective realisation
    2. Context
    3. “Analysis, Ambition, Action” – state of affairs
      1. Waterlogging
      2. Heat stress
      3. Drought
      4. Consequences of urban flooding
      5. Current approach
    4. Our intentions: expediting and intensifying
      1. Vision: from the present to 2050
      2. Ambition and strategy
      3. Interim goals
      4. Nationwide governance framework regarding spatial adaptation
      5. Funding
    5. Appendix 1. Action programme
    6. Appendix 2. Outcomes of regional meetings and round table discussions
  14. List of Background Documents
    1. Background documents
  15. Colophon
    1. Colophon content Delta Programme 2018
  16. How to use Delta Programme 2018