Vision: from the present to 2050

The goal of this Delta Plan is to expedite and intensify adaptation efforts in order to ensure that the Netherlands will be water-resilient and climate-proof by 2050. Rather than biding our time, we want to prepare preventatively and adaptively for climate change. This is in line with the overall vision of the Delta Programme.

In this respect, it is important to realise that climate-proof spatial planning can prevent some waterlogging, heat stress, prolonged drought, and urban flood threats, but never entirely so. To a certain extent, we must accept that such conditions will hit us more frequently, and ensure that in such cases the damage will be contained. We can achieve this by restructuring our living environment.

A water-resilient and climate-proof design requires efforts in every quarter. The governments, the business community, NGOs, and society: everyone must do his part and set to work. In one’s own back garden, on rooftops, on private business properties, and in public spaces. Each individual party can take measures, under local supervision. 

Above all, we need close collaboration: between residents, businesses, and governments; between sectors; and between the local, regional, and national levels, for example, in adapting the water system or the sewer system. Furthermore, collaboration opens up opportunities for co-funding and knowledge exchange. Investments in spatial adaptation will gain in cost-effectiveness if measures are linked to other taskings, such as the energy transition, accessibility, and the circular economy. Such an integrated approach ties in with the intention of the Environment Act.

The tasking pertaining to water-resilient and climate-proof spatial planning is one that involves all scale levels, but particularly the local and regional ones. For that reason, the ambitions are being set down in municipal, provincial, and national Environmental Visions, and in the implementation plans of municipalities, district water boards, NGOs, and the business community. This Delta Plan aims to expedite and intensify this approach by setting out a number of collective ambitions, interim goals, and actions at the national level.

  1. Cover letter and Delta Programme Commissioner’s recommendations
  2. Introductory summary
    1. Continuing the work on a sustainable and safe delta
  3. Part I National level
  4. Progress of the Delta Programme
    1. Progress based on Monitoring, Analysing, Acting
    2. General picture of the progress
      1. On schedule
      2. On track
      3. Integrated approach
      4. Participation
      5. Effectiveness of the regions
    3. Progress in flood risk management
    4. Progress in spatial adaptation
    5. Progress in freshwater supply
    6. Embedding, knowledge and innovation, international collaboration
      1. Embedding
      2. Knowledge
      3. Innovation
      4. International efforts
  5. Delta Fund
    1. Developments in the Delta Fund
    2. Resources from other partners
    3. The financial taskings of the Delta Programme
    4. Financial security of the Delta Programme
  6. Part II Regions
  7. Progress per region
    1. IJsselmeer Region/freshwater supply region IJsselmeer Region
    2. Rhine Estuary-Drechtsteden/West-Netherlands freshwater supply region
    3. Rhine/ Area around the major rivers freshwater supply region
    4. Meuse
    5. Southwest Delta/Southwest Delta freshwater supply region
    6. The Coast
    7. Wadden Region
    8. Elevated Sandy Soils South and East
  8. Part III Delta Plans
  9. Delta Plan on Flood Risk Management
    1. Implementation programmes
      1. Flood Protection Programme
      2. Second Flood Protection Programme
      3. Room for the River
      4. Meuse Projects
      5. WaalWeelde
      6. IJsselmeer Closure Dam
      7. Repair of Oosterschelde and Westerschelde stone claddings - Zeeland foreland deposits
    2. River widening in interconnection with dyke improvement
    3. Studies ensuing from knowledge agenda and in regions
  10. Map Flood risk management measures
  11. Delta Plan on Freshwater Supply
    1. Measures to ensure the availability of freshwater in the Netherlands
  12. Map Freshwater supply measures
  13. Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation
    1. Introduction
      1. Justification
      2. Aim and state of affairs of the Delta Plan
      3. Collective realisation
    2. Context
    3. “Analysis, Ambition, Action” – state of affairs
      1. Waterlogging
      2. Heat stress
      3. Drought
      4. Consequences of urban flooding
      5. Current approach
    4. Our intentions: expediting and intensifying
      1. Vision: from the present to 2050
      2. Ambition and strategy
      3. Interim goals
      4. Nationwide governance framework regarding spatial adaptation
      5. Funding
    5. Appendix 1. Action programme
    6. Appendix 2. Outcomes of regional meetings and round table discussions
  14. List of Background Documents
    1. Background documents
  15. Colophon
    1. Colophon content Delta Programme 2018
  16. How to use Delta Programme 2018